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Greg J. Grande

Production Designer


Television & Feature Films (select)

UNTITLED CARYN LUCAS PROJECT (season 1) Various Netflix
EP: Caryn Lucas
MIXED-ISH (season 1) Various ABC / Cinema Gypsy Productions
EP: Kenya Barris, Peter Saji, Karin Gist
PATTY’S AUTO (pilot) Betsy Thomas Fox / Warner Bros. Television
EP: Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Darlene Hunt
FRIENDS-IN-LAW (pilot) Pamela Fryman NBC / Warner Bros. Television
EP: Brian Gallivan, Tom Werner
DEAR WHITE PEOPLE (series) Justin Simien Netflix
EP: Justin Simien, Yvette Bowser, Stephanie Allain
CASUAL (series) Jason Reitman / Various Hulu / Lionsgate Television
EP: Helen Estabrook, Zander Lehmann
MR. ROBINSON (pilot/series) Andy Ackerman / Various NBC / Universal Television
EP: Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen, Howard Klein
ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE (feature) Robb Cullen + Mark Cullen Voltage Pictures
EP: Patrick Newall, Stephen J. Eads
CLIPPED (pilot/series) Jamie Widdoes / Various TBS / Warner Horizon Television
EP: David Kohan, Max Mutchnick
YOUR FAMILY OR MINE (pilot/series) Gail Mancuso / Various TBS / Sony Pictures Television
EP: Greg Malins, Jamie Tarses
BACK IN THE GAME (pilot/series) John Fuqua / Glenn Ficarra
Lifetime / Horizon Scripted Television
EP: Mark Pedowitz
TWISTED (pilot/series) Joe Lazarov / Various ABC Family / Prodco
EP: Gavin Polone, Adam Milch
MALIBU COUNTRY (series) Andrew Weyman / Various ABC
EP: Michael Hanel, Mindy Schultheis, Kevin Abbott
HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS (series) Various ABC / 20th Century Fox Television
EP: Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo, Claudia Lonow
MEN AT WORK (pilot/series) Mark Cendrowski / Various TBS / Sony Pictures Television
EP: Breckin Meyer, Jamie Tarses, Julia Franz
BABY DADDY (pilot/series) Michael Lembeck / Various ABC Family / Prodco
EP: Dan Berendsen, John Ziffren
JANE BY DESIGN (pilot/series) Michael Lange / Various ABC Family / Prodco
EP: Gavin Polone, April Blair
THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING (pilot/series) Chris Grismer / Various ABC Family / Alloy Entertainment
EP: Dan Berendsen, Gina Giralamo
SWITCHED AT BIRTH (pilot/series) Steve Miner / Various ABC Family / Prodco
EP: Lizzy Weiss, Paul Stupin
COUGAR TOWN (seasons 2 + 4) Various ABC / Coquette Productions
EP: Bill Lawrence, Courteney Cox, Kevin Biegel
MELISSA & JOEY (seasons 1-2) Various ABC Family / Prodco
EP: Paula Hart, David Kendall, Bob Young
WHAT WOMEN WANT (pilot presentation) Penny Marshall HBO
EP: Lorne Michaels, Courtney Conte
MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (pilot/series) Steven Miner / Various ABC Family
EP: Holly Sorenson, Paul Stupin
10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (series) Gil Junger / Various ABC Family
EP: Carter Covington, Robin Schiff
VALENTINE (pilot/season 1) Kevin Dowling / Various CW / Media Rights Capital
EP: Kevin Murphy, Courtney Conte
LITTLE BRITAIN USA (series) David Schwimmer
Michael Patrick Jann
EP: Matt Lucas, David Williams
MANCHILD (pilot) Steven Gyllenhaal Showtime
EP: Darren Star, Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen
DIRT (season 2) Chris Long / Various FX / ABC Studios
EP: Chris Long, Matthew Carnahan, Courteney Cox
MY BOYS (pilot/series) Barnet Kellman / Various TBS / Sony Pictures Television
EP: Gavin Polone, Jamie Tarses
TWENTY GOOD YEARS (pilot/season 1) Terry Hughes / Various NBC / Warner Bros. Television
EP: Eric L. Gold, Marsh McCall, Tom Werner
MODERN MEN (series) Terry Hughes / Various The WB / Jerry Bruckheimer Television
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Marsh McCall
BLADE (feature)
Set Decorator
Steven Norrington
PD: Kirk M. Petruccelli
New Line
EP: Avi Arad, Joseph Calamari, Lynn Harris, Stan Lee
Set Decorator
Marc Rocco
PD: Kirk M. Petruccelli
Warner Bros. Pictures / CanalPlus
EP: Marc Rocco, David L. Wolper
3 NINJAS (feature)
Set Decorator/Art Director
Jon Turtletaub
PD: Kirk M. Petruccelli
Touchstone Films / Buena Vista
EP: Martha Chang, Shunji Hirano, James Kang