Bryan McBrien

Production Designer


Film & Television

TOXIN (feature) Jason Dudek StudioLine Entertainment
(9 webisodes)
James Henry Fox Digital Studios/Divide Pictures
HATCHET 2 (feature) Adam Green Ariescope Pictures/MPI Entertainment
FROZEN (feature) Adam Green A Bigger Boat/Ariescope Pictures
NBC/LIBERTY MUTUAL (commercial) Milo Ventimiglia Moving Parts/Divide Pictures
FAIRY TALE POLICE (short) Adam Green X-Box 360/Ariescope Pictures
GQ/GM – CELEBRITY CARS (pilot) Milo Ventimiglia Cadillac/Divide Pictures
IT’S A MALL WORLD (series) Milo Ventimiglia Divide Pictures/American Eagle Outfitters
GOD ONLY KNOWS (feature) Adam Green Ariescope Pictures/Green Diamond Ent.
HATCHET (feature) Adam Green Ariescope Pictures/Radioaktive Films/
High Seas Entertainment
AM 1200 (short) David Prior DreamLogic Pictures
SHADOWS OF THE SUN (documentary) Bryan Single Peregrine Pictures
THE BALLAD (short) Bryan Single Independent


Greens Foreman / Coordinator

ARMS AND THE DUDES – Mark Gordon/Green Hat Films, ANT-MAN – Disney/Marvel, FAST & FURIOUS 7 – Universal, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – 20th Century Fox, IRON MAN 3 – Disney/Marvel, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Warner Bros., ARGO – Warner Bros., JOHN CARTER – Disney, DUE DATE – Warner Bros., FLIPPED – Warner Bros., IRON MAN 2 – Paramount, STAR TREK – Paramount, BODY OF LIES – Warner Bros., SPIDER-MAN 3 – Columbia Pictures, THE KINGDOM – Universal, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 – Paramount, FUN WITH DICK AND JANE – Columbia Pictures, CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS – Columbia Pictures, STARSKY AND HUTCH – Warner Bros., THE LAST SAMURAI – Warner Bros., TEARS OF THE SUN – Columbia Pictures, MINORITY REPORT – 20th Century Fox, MINORITY REPORT – 20th Century Fox, DOCTOR DOOLITTLE 2 – 20th Century Fox, BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE – 20th Century Fox, ALMOST FAMOUS – Columbia Pictures, A THOUSAND WORDS – Columbia Pictures, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR – Columbia Pictures


On-Set Greens

A THOUSAND WORDS – DreamWorks, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR – Universal, CURSED – Miramax, HOSTAGE – Miramax, HIDALGO – Touchstone Pictures, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? – Touchstone Pictures, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS – Universal, BLOW – New Line, INSTINCT – Touchstone Pictures, SMALL SOLDIERS – Universal, IMPOSTER – Paramount, CONTACT – Warner Bros.


Visual Effects / Miniatures

MEN IN BLACK II – Columbia Pictures, THE FLINSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS – Universal, STUART LITTLE – Columbia Pictures, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG – RKO Pictures